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Gail Mercer Binary Signals

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Binary Options Forex Signals – Monthly Subscription Service Binary Options are so much easier to trade because the trader simply agrees or disagrees with the strike statement.  In other words, the trader buys if they...
Instructions for Trading Binary Signals
Instructions for trading binary signals using either In the Money, At the Money or Out of the Money binary strikes with Nadex Binary Options are below.  All binary signals go out via Twitter.  You will...
Trading Binary Options Training Videos
Learn how to trade the Nadex Binary Options Web Platform or iPad app in these great trading binary options videos by Gail Mercer.  Gail provides training on trading binary options via video, educational articles and...
Binary Signals for Nadex Binary Options
Binary Signals for Nadex Binary Options
The March Binary Signals for Nadex Binary Options model using hypothetical results was a net gain of $598, after subtracting exchange fees.  These are hypothetical results because traders use the signals in multiple ways.  They can use them as a heads up and then filter the signals using either ITM...
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Don’t Miss These Great Articles on Trading Binary Options
Don’t Miss These Great Articles on Trading Binary Options
In addition to her blog and recent Stocks & Commodities articles on trading binary options, Gail Mercer writes numerous articles on trading Nadex Binary Options.  These articles include information on developing a trading plan for trading binary options, mastering the psychology needed for trading binary options, strategies for entering binaries,...
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Differences with Binary Options versus Forex
Differences with Binary Options versus Forex
There are many differences when trading binary options versus forex.  As some traders will say, the profits are lower with binary options but so are the losses.  However, that is not the only difference.  Here is an example of another difference where the indicative price at expiration was simply one...
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Binary Signals Monthly Subscription Only $99

Gail Mercer Binary Signals offers a monthly subscription service of $99 per month.  There are approximately 20-30 binary options signals per day for forex.  The minimum time expiration is at least one hour and as long as a full day, depending on which timeframe the signal is generated.  All the signals are sent via a private Twitter feed.  Also, please note that the signals use the TradersHelpDesk indicators and trying to trade the signals without the indicators puts you at a disadvantage because no one should trade blindly (meaning you should be reading your charts even with the signals).  Also, if you have the indicators, then Gail will send you the directions for joining the Skype room so you can ask questions but you must have the indicators to join the room.

Before subscribing please make sure to watch the Learning to Trade Binary Options Signals with Reversal Bars and the Managing Your A Binary Option Trade videos.



By subscribing,  you are also agreeing to the Terms, Conditions, and Disclaimer posted below.

There are no refunds given for the Binary Options Forex Trading Signals Subscription service.  If you do not like the service then simply cancel your subscription before it renewal.

Disclaimer and Terms of Service:

Using the Gail Mercer – Binary Signals to obtain binary options signals for binary options trading or futures and forex is an excellent way in which you can profit from the movements in financial markets on a wide range of assets. However, as with any form of financial investment, there are associated risks. While liability on binary options account is limited, you can still face a total loss of capital if you do not manage money in your trading account correctly. If you are unsure as to the suitability of using the signals provided, it is recommended that you refrain from doing so and seek independent financial advice before making use of any of the material found on this website. Many efforts are made to provide the best accurate strategy signals but Gail Mercer – Binary Signals cannot guarantee that you will earn any profits using the methods and provided signals. While all information provided on this website and the futures and binary options signals aim to be as accurate as possible, it does not constitute direct investment advice. Furthermore, Gail Mercer – Binary Signals will not be held liable for any outcomes, positive or otherwise from use of information published on this site nor from information provided in the binary options signals. There are risks involved in trading Futures, Forex, Commodities, and Binary Options, never invest more money than you can afford to lose.

Trading Nadex Binary Options: Keeping It Simple Strategies

Trading Nadex Binary Options: Keeping It Simple StrategiesGail Mercer, a highly respected trader, mentor, and author has just released her new book, Trading Nadex Binary Options:  Keeping It Simple Strategies, a guide to trading the Nadex Binary Options and Spreads.

Nadex Binary Options provides so many incredible opportunities  — 5 minute, 20 minute, 2-hours, daily or weekly, Nadex offers the best binary options model with the most expirations in the binary options arena.

In the Trading Nadex Binary Options: Keeping It Simple Strategies book, Gail shows traders learn how to easily begin trading with the Nadex Binary Options and Spreads using leading indicators that are built-in to the Nadex Binary Chart window with the power of reversal bars. Plus, quizzes are included to ensure that traders actually understand the material presented within the chapter. There are even simple trading plans and chart examples (in full color), which are based on the techniques taught in this book for traders to begin their binary options trading journey.

Full-Color Paperback Edition

$49.99 plus $15 Shipping

About Gail Mercer

Gail Mercer, Binary Options SignalsGail Mercer, is a highly respected trader, trainer, author, and speaker residing in North Carolina.  She has over 15 years of experience in trading and in the development of custom indicators.  She is a successful author and has published many ebooks and is also a contributor to Stocks & Commodities magazine,, BinaryOptions.Nadex, and many other financial websites.  She has been recognized as an authority on Volume Analysis and has been asked to speak at the Traders Expo, Traders World, Wyckoff Conference, and Tradestation User Groups.

Gail is also the founder and CEO of TradersHelpDesk, and is dedicated to helping traders achieve success. Her unique methodology is rooted in her philosophy that success depends not on a trader’s indicators but the ability to remain focused and responsive to price. Self-responsibility, another cornerstone of her work, provides the mirror for what a trader needs to learn about him- or herself in relationship to the markets. Working with both the inner and outer aspects of trading, Gail Mercer provides an integrated and holistic blueprint for prospering in the markets.

Gail Mercer has been trading binary options and spreads since they were introduced by Nadex.  She only became interested in binary options and spreads as a way to increase her profitability when trading futures and forex.  However, now most of her trading is actually done via the binary options and spreads as they present a limited risk opportunity, when using out of the money binary options, while allowing a larger return on investment.  In her free education room on Tuesday’s, Gail shows traders how the binary options and spreads can promote a more logical thinking approach to trading and when to choose a binary over a spread.  She also shows how to incorporate volume analysis with support and resistance to identify where price is likely to go during a high volatile market report.

To read Gail Mercer’s published articles in Stocks & Commodities, Benzinga, Trading Charts, and TradesWorld, click here.