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Binary Options are so much easier to trade because the trader simply agrees or disagrees with the strike statement.  In other words, the trader buys if they believes that price will be greater than the strike price or he sells if they believes the price will NOT be greater than the strike price.  Risk is limited to the price paid on entry.  Profit is $100 minus risk paid on entry (based on the Nadex Binary Options model).

The binary options signals are based on support and resistance from the TradersHelpDesk Trend Average True Range Stop indicator.  Based on the trader’s risk tolerance he (or she) enters either a strike that is In the Money (ITM), At the Money (ATM) or Out of the Money (OTM).  The strike with the least risk will be the OTM and the strike with the highest risk will be the ITM.  The ATM strike will generally incur approximately $50 of risk (although it could be more depending on market conditions).

The automatic Binary Signals are generated via our private twitter account. The minimum time needed for the binary option is always listed within the signal.  However, depending on the trader’s risk tolerance, they may opt to do multiple trades (ie a two hour and a daily) or simply go with the minimum expiration.  Please read the article that shows both bad and good entries and then read this article on trading the binary signals.

The binary signals are generated for the forex, US indices, Gold and Crude markets.

Also, please note that the binary signals are recommended with the Nadex product line.  There are many binary options provider but Nadex is the only exchange that I use for binary options and spreads.


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Since there are so many potential combinations for a binary option trade, results are now tracked based on the At the Money strike price that is closest to the binary signal. This way all signals can be tracked with a maximum risk of $55 and a maximum profit of $45 (based on a maximum payout of $100). However, you must decide what your risk tolerance is and trade accordingly because trading does involve substantial risk and you should never trade with money you cannot afford to lose.

Before subscribing please make sure to watch the Learning to Trade Binary Options with Reversal Bars and the Managing Your A Binary Option Trade videos.

By subscribing,  you are also agreeing to the Terms, Conditions, and Disclaimer posted below.

There are no refunds given for the Binary Options Futures & Forex Trading Signals Subscription service.  If you do not like the service then simply cancel your subscription before it renewal.

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